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PE Twin Die Blown Film Extruder

PE High Speed Twin Die Blown Film Extruder is scientifically designed with two dies, which greatly improve the output of single-extruder. High speed, low consumption and energy saving are the most outstanding characteristics of these machines.

PE Twin Die Blown Film Extruder

Optional equipments:

1, Autoloader

2, Corona treatment

3, Air-compressor

Main Technical specifications:

Specification / Model SJ50×28-FMS500×2 SJ55×30-FMS600×2
Screw Diameter (mm) Ø55 Ø55
Screw Ratio (L/D) 28:1 30:1
Heater Capacity (kw) 11 11
Driving Motor Power (kw) 15 18.5
Temperature Controller Panel(zone) 12 zone
Take-up Roller Width (mm) Ø150×500×2 Ø150×600×2
Take-up Power (kw) 0.55×2 0.55×2
Take-up Speed (m/min) 20-75 20-75
Die Diameter (mm) Ø30-70 Ø50-80
Air Blower Power (kw) 2.2×2 2.2×2
Film Width (mm) 80-400 160-500
Film Thickness (mm) 0.02-0.10 0.02-0.10
Extrusion Output (kg/h) 50 55
Dimension (L×W×H m) 5×2.8×3.8 5×3×4
All these technical parameters can be varied with customers’ request.