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3-Layer ABC Co-extrusion Blown Film Extruder

This 3-layer blown film machine adopts A+B+C co-extrusion with even film thickness and film smoothness. It has assimilated advanced technology from different countries and combined clients’ requirements. It can be equipped with rotary die or adopts oscillating haul-off. With easy operation and high ratio of finished product, it is widely used.

3-Layer ABC Co-extrusion Blown Film Extruder

Optional equipments:

1, Autoloader

2, Corona treatment

3, Air-compressor

Main Technical specifications:

Specification / Model SJ55×30×3-FMS1600GM SJ55×28×3-FMS1400GM
Screw Diameter (mm) Ø55 Ø55
Screw Ratio (L/D) 30:1 28:1
Screw & Barrel Material 38 CrMoAlA
Heating mode (kw) Stainless steel heating loop
Temperature Controller Panel (kw) LCD
Screw Rotating Speed (r/min) 60-100r/min 45-100r/min
Capacity per Unit (kw) 22 kw×3 18.5 kw×3
Max. Output per Unit 180kg/h 150kg/h
Screen filter Changer Non-stop Screen Changer
Intelligent Pressure Panel Optional
Die Type co-extrusion rotary die
Die Material 40Cr
Die Diameter (mm) (Ø)250-300 (Ø)200-250
Air Ring 2 Channel Negative Pressure Air-ring
Air blower power (kw) 5.5
Take-up height (mm) 7500 7000
Pinch pattern Pneumatic
Take-up Motor (kw) 1.5
Pinch Roller (optional) Aluminum Alloy Pinch Roller
Max. Take-up Speed (m/min) 65m/min
Sub Take-up Motor 30kg torque motor
Winding Type Back to back surface friction winder
Max. Folding Width (mm) 1500 1300
Winder Motor 50KG/CBM torque motor
Winding Reel (mm) Ø 74 Air Expanding Reel
All these technical parameters can be varied with customers’ request.