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            PE Super High Speed Rotary Die Blown Film Extruder

            PE Super High Speed Blown Film Extruder is our latest product, with newest screw and die, which has greatly improved the plasticizing effect and increased its production capacity. Equipped with the high-efficiency air blower,new-style air ring and hot knife, this machine truly achieves the goals of great quality,high speed and low consumption.

            PE Super High Speed Rotary Die Blown Film Extruder

            Optional equipments:

            1, Autoloader

            2, Corona treatment

            3, Air-compressor

            Main Technical specifications:

            Material HDPE, LDPE/LLDPE
            Effective Film Width(mm) 250-700
            Film Thickness(mm)td> 0.01-0.10
            Screw Diameter (mm) 55
            Screw Ratio (L/D) 28:1
            Screw & Barrel Material 38CRMOALA
            Die Head Diameter (mm) HD80/120(Ø) LD150(Ø)
            Air Ring 2 Chanel Negative Pressure Air Rings
            Termperature Control Zone 6 zones (Extruder4, Die 2)
            Heating Power (KW) 10
            Air Blower (kw) 5.5
            Main Motor Power (KW) 30 with Inverter
            Max. Output (KG/H) 100
            Length of Take-up roller (mm) 800
            Gusset (pcs) 2 pcs
            Rotary Angle 360°
            Take-up Motor Power (kw) 0.75 with Inverter
            Take-up Speed (m/min) 100
            Winder Type Single Surface Friction Auto-winder with Auto Tension Control
            Winder Roller (mm) 800
            Winder Motor Power ( 50
            Dimension (L×W×H m) 6×3×5.3
            Weight (kg) 3500-4000