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LDPE/LLDPE High- Speed Rotary Die Blowm Film Extru..

Sj-FMS-A Series, the PE High-Speed Rotary Die blown film machine is the new-generation blown film line whichadopts the advanced foreign technology.It is equipped with 360° continuous rotating high-precision die and adjustabledual-channel air cooling ring, rendering film thickness much more even and the bubble more stable.It is suitableto produce films of every specification. The main advantages of the machine are high quality,high efficiency andenergy saving.Applicable material: LDPE,LLDPE,E.V.A,ect.and mixed material.

LDPE/LLDPE High- Speed Rotary Die Blowm Film Extruder

Optional equipments:
1) Autoloader
2) Corona treatment
3) Air-compressor

Main Technical specifications: