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            PP 2-Layer Coextrusion Rotary Die Extruder

            PP 2-Layer Rotary Die Co-extrusion Water-cooling Blown Film Extruder is delicately designed by ourselves. The characteristics of the machine are compact structure, easy operation and high automation. The plastic film is characterized by high transparency, good toughness and barrier properties, heat-sealing and low-temperature resistance. Thorough changing the different combination of materials: PP-PP, PP-LLDPE, PP-PE-m, LLDPE-LLDPE, the film could meet various kinds of packing requirements, including the film for the package of up-market merchandise.

            PP 2-Layer Coextrusion Rotary Die Extruder

            Optional equipment:

            1. Autoloader

            2. Corona treatment

            3. Air compressor

            Main Technical specifications:

            Specification / Model SJ55×28×2-FMX1000-B SJ45×28×2-FMX800-B
            Screw Diameter (mm) Ø55×2 Ø45×2
            Screw Ratio (L/D) 28:1 28:1
            Driving Motor Power (kw) 18.5×2 11×2
            Take-up Roller Width (mm) 1000 800
            Take-up Power (kw) 1.5 0.75
            Take-up Speed (max.m/min) 50 60
            Die Diameter (mm) (Ø)300/400 (Ø)250
            Air Blower Power (HP) 1 3/4
            Rotary Angle 360°
            Film Width (mm) 300-900 160-650
            Film Thickness (mm) 0.02-0.10 0.02-0.10
            Extrusion Output (kg/h) 20-80 10-50
            Total Power 50 30
            Dimension (LxWxH m) 5.5×3.5×4.8 4.5×2.5×4.2
            All these technical parameters can be varied with customers' request.